What to Know Before buying SARMs

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) have been the subject of some debate in the arena of performance enhancement science. Public perception has them confused with other compounds and products. It’s also true that not all labs treat SARMs with the gravity and transparency necessary to further positive research and promote a broader understanding of them and, eventually, their accepted human use.

The professionals at Sports Technology Labs have the industry experience and educational drive to ensure our research customers have access to rigorously tested, high-quality SARMs while furthering knowledge of their effects. Just fill out the contact form to learn more about the benefits of working with our knowledgeable and dedicated team.

What Are SARMs?

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SARMs are synthetic ligands, which are chemical compounds designed to selectively bind to androgen (testosterone) receptors. They influence biological factors, including the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, and may act as antagonists or full/partial agonists when binding to androgen receptors. The effect is dependent on their chemical composition.

Here are some general facts:

1. SARMs Are Available in Multiple Forms

Customers are buying SARMs online in liquid, capsule, and raw powder varieties. Liquids are the most commonly purchased form due to the ability to dose flexibly and that consistent quality can be guaranteed from tested and measured raw materials. Encapsulated SARMs are often inconsistent from one capsule to the next or one batch to the next and testing capsules does not provide quality control that meets our standards.

2. SARMs Are Not Supplements

This is a commonly held misconception. SARMs are also not steroids. They are widely held to be superior to steroids due to their greater tissue selectivity, absence of estrogen aromatization, and greater efficacy in low dose. SARMs have not been approved by the FDA and are only designated for research purposes at this time.

3. SARMs Are Not Intended for Athletic Consumption

Bodybuilders, weightlifters, and others focused on building muscle mass have interest in SARMs, but they are currently legal to purchase for research purposes only and are not intended for human consumption. They are also banned by many professional and amateur sports leagues as a performance-enhancing drug.

Contact us for more in-depth information on the laboratory side of safe and legal SARMs practice.

Types of Research Uses

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SARMs have shown great promise over the years in potentially treating several conditions, with various compounds being applied to different areas of research. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Some have been tested with the end goal of increasing people’s appetites and helping them consume enough calories. 
  • Some studies have employed SARMs to advance efforts in alleviating metabolic syndrome.
  • Other researchers have used SARMs to make progress against illnesses like osteoporosis or muscle wasting, and further data suggests that SARMs may help in the fight against somatotropic deficiencies and Alzheimer’s Disease. 

It’s important to note that, for all their positive potential, SARMs are not FDA approved. Their ongoing experimental nature makes it vital for researchers looking to analyze their effects to seek out a trustworthy SARMs provider that delivers a pure product. The most significant risk is that claims of lab research and purity can be made by any business selling SARMs. This leaves many customers gambling with the outcome due to product uncertainty.

Sports Technology Labs only offers SARMs of at least 98% purity, and we are one of the few companies to publish our certificates of analysis (COAs) online. We also have contact details for our labs, which are ready and willing to receive your queries about our product testing firsthand. You can find out more by contacting us.

SARMs Research Solutions From Sports Technology Labs

Researched based liquid SARMs that can be found at Sports Technology Labs

Our service offers the highest-quality liquid SARMs on the market. Here are some of our most popular products and some of the many positive effects suggested by the ongoing research:

Ibutamoren (MK-677)

Studies have shown Ibutamoren may boost growth hormone and various growth factors, appetite, bone density, and lean body mass. Studies also suggest that MK 677 may also improve sleep quality. 

Cardarine (GW501516)

Continuing research indicates that Cardarine may contribute positively to the fat-burning process, cholesterol management, reduced inflammation, improved insulin sensitivity, and improved recovery times and endurance.

Testolone (RAD140)

A promising product formerly researched as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy, RAD140, is also believed to assist with fat loss, lean muscle mass gain, and may replicate some of the neuroprotective effects of testosterone.

Ostarine (MK-2866)

There are a wide variety of positive health effects believed to be promoted by Ostarine including improved bone and heart health, enhanced recovery from injury and exercise, fat loss, and an increase in both strength and lean muscle mass.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Research has linked Ligandrol with improved blood flow, quicker recovery, significant lean mass gain, and boosted strength.

Stenabolic (SR9009)

Weight loss, enhanced wakefulness, and potential cardiac benefits have been observed with Stenabolic.


The YK-11 SARM is being studied for producing a rapid increase in muscle mass with no androgenic effects in target tissues, and activation of follistatin – a binding glycoprotein that can function as a potent myostatin antagonist and prevent the inhibition of muscle growth.

Andarine (S4)

Enhanced energy, recovery, strength, and fat burning have all been associated with Andarine . Th in clinical research. S4 is was the first SARM ever developed and one of the most widely researched.


Researchers are hopeful that RU-58841 can provide an effective topical treatment for androgenic acne and hair loss without the harsh side effects of Finasteride.

All research on SARMs is a work in progress, and large-scale human studies are still some way off. Contact Sports Technology Labs for reliable, up-to-date information.

Why Sports Technology Labs Is Your Trusted Partner for buying SARMS

Our industry experience and dedication to investing in new products are just two qualities that make us the best provider in the business. We also deliver the following benefits:

  • American-bottled and -tested products with verifiable third-party COAs
  • Batch purity over 98%, every time
  • SARM suspension in 100% food-grade PEG400 – the highest quality, cleanest solvent available
  • Bulk discounts of up to 30%
  • Flexible payment options ranging from credit cards (a rarity in the SARMs industry) to Bitcoin
  • No-fuss returns and refunds
  • Rapid postage and free shipping on U.S. orders over $99

Our team works with you to provide products and service that set the standard. We’re here to answer any questions so you can conduct your SARMs research with confidence. Contact us to learn more about how we operate.

Sports Technology Labs Is Your SARMS Expert

Navigating the process of buying SARMs can be a confusing journey. The Sports Technology Labs knowledge center offers in-depth info so you can make the very best choices before you buy SARMs for research. 
We’re a Connecticut-based company on a mission to deliver world-class SARMs to researchers because it’s crucial to purchase them from a reputable company. Connect with Sports Technology Labs today for more information.

What to Know Before buying SARMs

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