Real SARMS? How to Spot a Scam in the Market

56% of Americans in a recent study stated they feel more productive with a consistent exercise routine. 

Fitness and health affect every aspect of our life- everything from work to school to being a parent. Everyone moving along their journey to better health should be paying careful attention to how they move their body and what they’re putting into their body. 

Most people know to check the labels of the food they eat to ensure a nutritious diet. But many fail to look deeper into the supplements and compounds they’re using alongside their fitness regimens. 

Are you interested in incorporating SARMs into your everyday routine? The below guide will show you how to spot scams from a mile away. Protect your body from the bad guys.

What Are SARMs?

In order to spot scams, it’s imperative to know what true SARMs are and how they work. We’ll dive deeper into that now before touching on scams. 

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are curative, or therapeutic, compounds that are currently being researched for their abilities to stimulate tissue and muscle growth. In fact, many researchers are studying SARMs and their effectiveness in treating symptoms caused by HIV, heart failure, and cancer. 

Many individuals use SARMs for their anabolic properties that are similar to anabolic steroids. However, unlike steroids, SARMs have much lower androgenic properties. 

Androgenic properties increase masculine characteristics, such as lowering of the voice or an increase of body hair.

Why Use SARMs?

SARMs have a 10:1 ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects. This means they can be effectively used to build muscle without any major SARMs’ side effects.

They’re often used to increase muscle mass and bone density while lowering an individual’s overall body fat. Because they are much kinder to the body’s liver than steroids, those using SARMs don’t have the need for on-cycle support supplements. 

Looking at SARMs from a financial standpoint, they’re much cheaper than steroids due to not needing additional support supplements. 

If you’re interested in using SARMS, it’s important to understand your body, its chemical makeup, and your desired results. Use your findings to select the best dosage and cycle length.

Spotting SARMs Scams

Are you ready to add SARMs to your routine? Beware of possible scams as you select what you’d like to use. 

We’ll run through a few things to look for before purchasing SARMs

Look For a License

As you browse SARMs for sale, always look out for the vendor’s operating license. The vendor should have the appropriate license to sell SARMs in the public market. 

If you’re browsing around a site that seems too good to be true (or if it seems like something out of the black market), stray away. Even if the site appears to be legitimate, without the proper license, the vendor could be selling fake and/or dangerous supplements. 

Check Out Reviews

Always read through reviews before purchasing any supplement. However, it’s important to remain skeptical even while reading reviews. Some companies hire bots to write reviews. 

The best place to read up on SARMs for sale is a public forum, such as those found on Reddit. There are many honest, unfiltered reviews on this site. 

If all of the reviews you’re reading are topped with gold stars, you may be falling into a scam. While it’s important to get a trusted product, nothing is 100% recommended by everyone. 

In addition to reading reviews about specific products, find reviews on the vendor themselves. Is it a company you can trust?

Find a Well-Informed Vendor

Does a vendor’s site seem dry? Be cautious of vendors that lack a wealth of information about the supplements and compounds you’re buying. 

Contact a vendor if you seem unsure about their products. Ask them about the makeup of the compounds, SARMs’ side effects, and how their products are regulated. 

If they aren’t able to provide straightforward answers, find another vendor to buy from. Your vendor should have the facts ready to go. 

Verification From a 3rd Party

A majority of companies with high-quality, trustworthy SARMs have a 3rd party verification

Manufacturers can become verified through a 3rd party by sending off a sample from each batch to a trusted lab. The lab will then test the sample to ensure its quality and safety.

When visiting a vendor’s website, look for the results from these studies. If you’re unable to find any, contact the vendor for more information. 

Is there no verification available? It’s likely a scam, and the company could be using low-quality products or lacing their products with dangerous compounds. 

Is It Legal?

While reading through this article, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Are SARMs legal?”

Because SARMs aren’t currently approved by the FDA, they’re not legal for athletes. They’re also not allowed to be sold online with the promise of being curative, and a vendor is not allowed to sell or label them as supplements. 

Most vendors will legally label their SARMs as ‘research chemicals’. If you stumble upon a site promising you specific benefits or the fulfillment of dietary needs, don’t trust the vendor. 

Non-professional athletes are legally able to buy and use SARMs, but make sure you guarantee you’re buying from a vendor that follows regulations. 

Staying Clear of SARMs Scams

It’s crucial to know the quality of everything we put into our bodies, especially when it comes to SARMs. Steer clear of scams by following the above tips and guidelines. 

Guarantee you’re buying from a knowledgeable vendor with a proper operating license and verification from a 3rd party. Reach out to your vendor with any questions or concerns about their products.

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Real SARMS? How to Spot a Scam in the Market

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