Why buy from Sports Technology Labs?

Because we care.

At Sports Technology Labs we care about providing the absolute highest quality products. Every batch of SARMs and peptides that we sell is tested by one of multiple accredited American 3rd party laboratories for the same purity standard used by laboratories, universities, disease research institutions, and chemical suppliers around the world. 

Several companies advertise third-party tested products but hide their certificates or redact contact information for testing companies so that customers can not verify the legitimacy of their certificates. Sports Technology Labs protects customers by sending every batch to one of multiple accredited American third party laboratories for testing and by sharing certificates with contact information for these laboratories to ensure that customers know that what they are buying is real. Our SARMs are minimum 98% pure and our Peptides are minimum 96-99% pure depending on whether or not preservatives are necessary for their shelf life and safe transit. Many of our batches test purer than the reference standard they are measured against at accredited American third party laboratories! Certificates of Analysis are readily available on our website’s COA page as well as product pages, and the testing laboratories we work with are happy to accept phone calls to verify certificate authenticity and answer questions about testing methods used.

We care about keeping you safe. Many well-known research companies specialize primarily in marketing, not sourcing, chemistry, and quality control, and will sell products suspended in low-grade or undisclosed-grade solvents, or in plastic bottles with disposable external plastic measuring tools that they expect you to re-use! This causes harmful chemicals to leach into their products during storage and introduces dirt and bacteria into products between uses. Sports Technology Labs uses only the cleanest, highest grade solvent available, 100% USP Grade PEG400 to suspend liquid SARMs, and clean glass bottles with fixed glass measuring droppers to ensure that buyers are not slowly poisoned by plasticizers, toxins, heavy metals, dirt, or bacteria. 

We care about providing you with a secure and convenient purchasing experience. Other companies illegally market their products as dietary supplements, deceive customers as well as government and postal entities, force buyers to use discreet and insecure payment methods, sell customer information to third parties, and expose buyers to risks associated with illegal purchases and misinformation behind their products. At Sports Technology Labs we are transparent in our marketing and business practices, protect your personal and payment information, and provide responsible information about our products that is backed by properly cited academic research. And unlike many other less established and less legitimate companies in this industry, we offer safe and secure payment methods like domestic credit card processing to customers. Ordering with us is secure and simple. 

We care about shipping your products FAST! We ship 6 days per week and most orders go out the same day they are received so US Domestic orders typically arrive in 2-5 business days, and international orders in 6-10 days. International orders may be delayed due to foreign Customs. Shipping is flat-rate, $7 on Domestic orders and $20 on International orders. Need products faster? We also offer Express shipping options. Shipping is free for Domestic orders over $149 or international orders over $299.

Sports Technology Labs MK677We care about your comfort and confidence and are available to answer your questions via email at info@sportstechnologylabs.com. And, if for some reason you don’t like your products or realize that SARMS or peptides are not for you, we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. Simply email us to arrange a return and refund within 60 days. Even if the products have been opened. There has never been a better place to buy SARMs and peptides.