Liquid SARMs vs. Pills SARMs: Which One Is Better?

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One question that arises when buying SARMs for the first time is the form of the drug that would be best for your research. This means comparing liquid SARMs vs. pill SARMs: Is one superior to the other in any way?

Selective androgen receptor modulators, aka SARMs, are a unique class of therapeutic compounds that have anabolic properties similar to anabolic steroids, but they produce fewer side effects due to their selectivity for some androgen receptors over others. All SARMs are manufactured in loose powder form and can be consumed that way. Producers can also offer them in capsule form or mix the powder with a liquid base to make a liquid solution. 

This guide will walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of SARMs pills vs. liquids while comparing the two forms. The user ultimately must understand their individual needs, but the knowledge gleaned from this article should be helpful to decide which option is best for them. 

SARMs Pills

SARMs pills are available in either tablet or capsule form. A tablet is made by compacting a powder into a pill shape. A capsule is made by encasing a powder or liquid in an outer shell, mostly made from gelatin to dissolve easily in the stomach. Either form is designed for ease of ingestion.

A test subject may begin to feel the effects once the active ingredient hits the bloodstream. This may take an hour or two in pill form. Those who take SARMs pills on an empty stomach might feel the effects sooner because the rate of metabolism will be higher, or may have diarrhea as a result of GI irritation from active ingredients or binders/fillers in the pills.

SARMs in pill form have both benefits and setbacks. Here are some of the top reasons for and against administration of SARMs in pill form.

Benefits of SARMs Pills

Most test subjects who prefer SARMs pills vs. liquids do so because of the convenience that pills offer. They are easy to consume and fit into a routine and are convenient to store and transport without the risk of spillage. SARMs pills are flavorless, with no chemical-like taste. 

Drawbacks of SARMs Pills

If you’re wondering about how to take powdered SARMs, then getting exact dosages of SARMs can be difficult when you’re administering SARMs in pill form, especially if they are dosed for large test subjects. A 3 mg dose of Ligandrol is a challenge, for example, if you have capsules of 10mg each. A researcher interested in using 5mg per day, or dividing a 10mg dose throughout the day will not be able to conduct reliable research with capsules. SARMs capsules may not be ideal for those who wish to titrate SARMs to exact dosages or lower dosages than what the capsules are made in.

Pills may also be slower to take effect compared with liquid SARMs. This is because they have to first get to the stomach and go through the digestive process before they are bioavailable. This may take up to two hours, depending on one’s metabolism.

The most significant drawback to SARMs capsules is that they are inconsistent in dosage. From one pill to the next concentration can vary by over 10% at times and third party testing for SARMs pills is unreliable compared to batches of uniformly dissolved liquid products.

Packaging SARMs into pills can make them seem like basic medications, but it’s important to note that the FDA hasn’t approved these drugs for human consumption in either form. They are only allowed as research chemicals until further studies can examine whether they are safe enough for the general public. They are also considered performance-enhancing drugs and are thus banned by many sports leagues and competitions, so check with your league before participating in research on SARMS if you are an athlete.

SARMs as a liquid in blue and red

SARMs Liquids

Producers make SARMs liquids by dissolving the powdered chemical in solvents like alcohol or PEG400. The solvent draws out the active ingredient and concentrates it in the liquid. They usually come in a colored dropper bottle to shield the mixture from light.

SARMs are orally bioavailable so while liquids may be consumed sublingually – which means placing a few drops beneath the tongue and holding for 15-30 seconds before swallowing – but they are designed to be swallowed directly and absorbed in the GI tract.

Like us at Sports Technology Labs, most companies that manufacture high quality SARMs prefer the liquid version to capsules because the drugs are meant for research only. Providing them in pill form may imply a use beyond research and also restricts research to specific and often very high doses, and this might therefore invite regulatory scrutiny. Below is a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of SARMs in liquid form.

Benefits of SARMs Liquid

Liquid SARMs come in a dropper bottle that makes it easy to measure out an exact dosage. You can also easily titrate your dosage (to the exact milligram) to suit your individual test subject’s needs, which is impossible with SARMs capsules. Liquid SARMs are also ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing capsules.

The biggest advantage of liquid SARMs is uniformity of product. From one ML to the next and from one bottle to the next the mg content of the active ingredient is the same. With capsules that are machine-mixed with fillers concentration may vary, sometimes over 10% from one capsule to the next in the same bottle. This makes third party testing unreliable for SARMs pills, giving liquid SARMs a significant advantage in consistent quality over pills.

Drawbacks of SARMs Liquids

SARMs liquids have a chemical taste that may be unpleasant for some test subjects and may cause compliance issues. This may also leave a bitter taste in the mouth, but it won’t last for long. 

Liquid SARMs can also be less convenient to travel with, but this depends on the quality of the bottle used for packaging. High-quality liquid SARMs from a reputable vendor should have reliable packaging that isn’t prone to spillage.

Both forms, SARMs capsules, as well as liquid, ultimately have benefits and setbacks. It is up to the end user to decide which one best suits their needs. Test subjects will sometimes purchase 00 gelatin capsules to dispense their desired liquid SARMs dose into for immediate use as this process takes a few seconds each time and spares the test subject the chemical taste of SARMs in liquid form.

Most people prefer SARMs liquids over capsules because of their efficiency, reliability, and flexible dosing. It’s essential whichever form you decide on to ensure that you’ve chosen a reputable source providing SARMs of the highest purity, verified by independent lab testing. Researchers have found drugs mislabeled or containing other ingredients, so finding a quality source is crucial.

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Liquid SARMs vs. Pills SARMs: Which One Is Better?

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