Where to Get SARMs: A Guide to Safe Online Purchasing

where to buy sarms

High-quality selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are sought after in the research world for their potential to treat several vexing health conditions. These chemical compounds bind to androgen receptors with a degree of selectivity, which means they have a better safety margin than steroids and are believed to cause minimal adverse effects.

SARMs for research are readily available online, but e-commerce vendors aren’t always easy to regulate. It’s critical, then, to know how to identify a reputable SARMs vendor from the many available options on the internet. Finding a trustworthy seller will assure you that high-quality SARMs will always be a few clicks away. 

This article outlines eight critical factors that can help you determine the legitimacy of a SARMs vendor. It also explains two common pitfalls to avoid when buying SARMs.

The Importance of Ensuring an Online SARMs Vendor Is Reputable

It’s easy to get duped into buying inferior products when purchasing SARMs online. Quality should always be your most important consideration, and that, unfortunately, isn’t always assured. 

A recent report published on the JAMA medical network highlighted the quality issues with SARMs products in the market. It showed the following results:

Fake SARMs

The study found that almost half of the products marketed as SARMs did not contain any SARMs in them. [1] These SARMs were sold online as SARMs, but only 52% were actual SARMs. 

Banned and Unlisted Ingredients

It also found that 39% of the products contained a banned substance. One-quarter contained substances not listed on the product label, indicating that the vendors had reservations about admitting what their products included.

This is a risk to consumers who might unknowingly ingest a banned substance that causes them to fail a drug test. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of scrutinizing third-party verification results to understand all ingredients the compounds contain. 

Ineffective Compounds

Another 9% lacked any active ingredient in them. 

Mislabeled Concentrations of Ingredients

The study found many product labels showing a different amount from what the researchers found. A SARMs vendor could be falsifying such information to overcharge for diluted products and make greater profits. SARMs of unknown concentration compromise the validity of any research done with them and pose a danger to the subject. 

The FDA has not approved SARMs for human consumption, and they are only meant for research purposes at this time. They are also banned as performance-enhancing drugs by many sports leagues. Finding the best quality SARMs for research is an important step in furthering the science around them to learn the benefits they may offer.

Tips for Determining Where to Get SARMs Online 

It’s a good idea to learn what to look for when you’re sorting out good vendors from bad to figure out where to get SARMs. Here are a few tips:

3rd Party Testing

Third-party testing is a reliable way to ensure product quality. Manufacturers should send samples of every batch of SARMs to an independent lab for testing. They hope their products test at a minimum of 98% purity, the same standard maintained by laboratories, universities, and chemical suppliers worldwide. They should post these results on the company’s website or make them available to customers upon request. A third party laboratory that accepts phone calls to confirm legitimacy of certificates is always preferred as a few vendors have been caught counterfeiting certificates.

Diverse Product Catalog

You should also check out the product catalog of the SARMs vendor, as most mature sellers offer a variety of SARMs products. This shows that the company understands its clientele and has a fully developed product line to meet their requirements. 

The Shopping Experience 

A professional website that is easy to navigate is a strong indication of a reputable vendor. This shows that the company is highly invested in its business and isn’t merely looking for a quick profit. 

Payments options are another indication of a mature company. Popular payment options for SARMs to look for include credit cards, checks, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and MESH payments. 

Shipping Policy

The shipping policy of the company will affect both the quality of the product and the customer experience. Ensure that the company guarantees that liquid SARMs will arrive at your doorstep without any spillage.  

Price and Discounts

Avoid being enticed by low prices when buying SARMs – a rock-bottom number can indicate that the vendor has cut corners to beat other sellers on price. Vendors who meet the above criteria and offer guarantees of quality and purity can set a low price that shouldn’t raise any suspicion. 

The stakes are high, unfortunately, when buying a product meant for research only. Ensure that your results are valid by finding a reputable source in your search for where to get SARMs.

Common Red Flags to Avoid When Buying SARMs Online

Most people trust much of the information they get online – but finding a source for SARMs requires a bit of skepticism. Here are some issues that should set off alarm bells when you’re deciding where to buy SARMs online:

False Marketing Claims

Be wary of companies that give false information about SARMs. All claims made by the company about SARMs should be accurate, evidence-based, and legal. 

Ignoring FDA Status

SARMs are approved by the FDA as investigational compounds but not as health supplements or treatments for any particular disease. Companies that make contrary claims should be avoided.

Sufficient Product Details

You should expect to see a detailed product description of the SARM product, potential health benefits, clinical studies, and specific product properties such as the molar mass, formula, and compound class. 

A majority of SARMs vendors are unfortunately not reputable, according to the study cited above. The temptation is too great to cut corners so they can maximize profits. It is therefore important to be diligent and check against all of these factors to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable SARMs vendor – and avoid any who don’t meet the criteria above. 

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Van Wagoner RM, Eichner A, Bhasin S, Deuster PA, Eichner D. Chemical Composition and Labeling of Substances Marketed as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and Sold via the Internet. JAMA. 2017;318(20):2004–2010.

Where to Get SARMs: A Guide to Safe Online Purchasing

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