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Side Effects of SARMs: The Surprising Research Takeaways

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Side effects of SARMS.

SARMs side effects are not well understood, with some sources claiming that SARMs are entirely safe. Learn the truth about the safety and side effects researchers are studying related to SARMs.

 Key Takeaways:

      • SARMs are investigational compounds that have been approved for research

      • Interest in SARMs is expanding, and this is fueling research

      • Preliminary research has demonstrated potential restorative benefits of SARMs

    Research has also shown that SARMs have significant side effects that should be taken into consideration.

    Interest in SARMs as anabolic compounds has increased significantly in the last decade. It’s not uncommon to see SARMs products advertised online as assisting in research for muscle growth and fat loss in animal studies.

    They have gained considerable interest in medicine and, in some cases, have unfortunately been marketed with false and illegal claims. This guide seeks to demystify the truth about SARMs and what research has revealed about their side effects. 

    What Are SARMs?

    Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a class of nonsteroidal compounds with anabolic properties due to their selective modulating action on Androgen Receptors (ARs).

    SARMs are similar to the natural ligands for ARs, such as testosterone, but they are not anabolic steroids. SARMs’ action on ARs is selective, however, allowing SARMs to only bind to specific ARs such as those located on muscle and bone tissues. This minimizes some of the unwanted side effects as seen in studies that are associated with the usual anabolic steroids. 

    Are SARMs Legal?

    SARMs are approved as investigational compounds, and researchers can explore their potential for corrective use and performance-enhancing compounds on animal subjects.

    SARMs are, however, not approved by the FDA as food supplements or medication. They are not for human consumption and are for research purposes only. SARMs are also prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and cannot be used legally in sports. 

    FDA Issues Warnings about SARMs 

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued warning letters to companies marketing SARMs as dietary supplements.

    The companies, which included Infantry Labs, Panther Sports Nutrition, and Iron Mag Labs, were asked to withdraw the products from the market immediately since they were not FDA-approved and their safety was uncertain.

    The FDA cited SARMs’ side effects, including liver damage /toxicity and cardiovascular complications

    SARMs Research Is Ongoing

    Selective androgen receptor modulators research is ongoing. Earlier studies revealed the potential of SARMs in muscle wasting disorders.

    New research has shown that SARMs can offer many more corrective benefits. Preliminary research indicates the potential of SARMs in treating several conditions, including breast cancer, hypogonadism, cancer-related cachexia, and BPH, among others. 

    It’s evident that the chemical composition of SARMs make them of high interest to scientists and researchers alike. The safety and side effects of SARMs need to be explored as well. What does preliminary evidence suggest?  

    What Are the Side Effects of SARMs? 

    Natural ligands for androgen receptors such as testosterone have been linked to undesirable side effects such as testicular atrophy, loss of libido, breast enlargement, prostate enlargement, infertility, and aggression, among others. 

    SARMs’ selectivity implies that they can discriminate between cells, meaning they can pinpoint “spare” cells that may trigger undesirable effects. SARMs are not free of adverse effects, however. Here are a few side effects of SARMs from preliminary research. 

    Liquid Testolone (RAD-140) Side Effects

    Liquid testolone binds to ARs selectively. It may cause mild side effects such as headaches, back pain, fatigue, nausea, elevated hematocrit, reduction in natural testosterone levels in male mammals, and reduced libido.

    Liquid Stenabolic (SR9009) Side Effects

    SR9009, Liquid stenabolic is an agonist REV-ERB protein that modulates the circadian rhythm. The only known side effects of stenabolic at this time are increased wakefulness, dehydration, and potential sleep disturbances in animals. More information on this product is available in our Stenabolic review.

    Liquid Cardarine (GW501516)

    Liquid Cardarine is an atypical SARM that acts on a group of receptors known as PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors). Some earlier studies in mice found that cardarine increases the risk for different types of cancer. This finding has since been debunked, and animal trials have shown different results. 

    Cardarine was administered to Han Wistar rats for almost two years. It’s important to note that the average life expectancy of these rats is about 30–36 months, and most die due to cancers. Cardarine has shown a relatively wide safety margin when administered to mammals in moderate doses, and in fact, when cardarine was administered to animals with skin cancer (the most common cancer in the U.S.), it slowed the progression of cancer. 

    Ibutamoren (MK-677) Side Effects

    This compound acts on the ghrelin receptor and boosts the level of growth hormone. Ibutamoren appears to be relatively safe, the most common side effect being an increased appetite that may last several months. It may also cause edema (water retention) in the extremities, increased blood pressure, insulin insensitivity, and muscle pain.

    Ligandrol (LGD-4033) Side Effects

    Ligandrol binds selectively to ARs. It has a comprehensive safety profile and rarely causes adverse effects when administered in moderate amounts to mammals. It may, however, suppress testosterone and cause undesirable effects such as acne, reduced bone density, low libido, and erectile dysfunction. 

    Ostarine (MK-2866) Side Effects

    Ostarine has selective action on ARs and this is the reason for the effects of Ostarine on muscle tissue. In high doses, Ostarine may suppress testosterone levels and cause undesirable effects such as reduced sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, and precocious infertility. 

    Due to its popularity, many websites have Ostarine for sale, with this compound in particular it is very important to be diligent about quality. SARMs are a class of compounds shrouded in mystery, and the internet is awash with false and exaggerated claims about them. As researchers continue to dig into SARMs, a broader picture of the true potential, safety profile, and side effects will emerge.  

    The Future of SARMs Is Promising

    The future of SARMs as corrective compounds is promising. Preliminary research is pointing towards numerous clinical possibilities that need further investigation. Here are key potential benefits that could strengthen conventional treatment for hard-to-treat conditions.  

        • Liquid testolone may offer neuroprotective benefits for treating Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases in mammals.

        • Liquid stenabolic may increase endurance during exercise.

        • Liquid cardarine may increase endurance during exercise and promote muscle recovery and fat loss.

        • Ligandrol may increase lean muscle mass.

        • Ostarine may be helpful in building muscle mass and preventing cachexia (severe weight loss) in cancer patients.

      Early research indicates that SARMs have broad applications in sports and clinical areas. Bear in mind that the use of SARMs is only open to researchers, and the FDA has not approved them for personal use.

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