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S23 SARM: A Potent Nonsteroidal Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator

S23 SARM is a nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulator widely regarded in anecdotal reports and by its binding affinity to the androgen receptor as the most potent SARM available, nearly as potent as anabolic steroids. It is being studied for its effects on lean muscle gains, bone density, fat loss, sex drive, and as an oral male contraceptive. The oral bioavailability of S23 is ~96%, peak levels are achieved at about 4 hours and the half life of S23 is 11.9 hours.

S23 Mechanism of Action

S23 mimics the action of testosterone in muscles and bones and may stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth. S23 is a relatively new SARM and has never been clinically tested in mammals so the safety profile of S23 has not been established. SARMs studies indicate that it may induce liver damage, fertility, and for males, reduction in natural testosterone levels.

Potential Male Contraceptive Agent

It is presently being researched as a potential male contraceptive agent in rats. During a study in rats it caused temporary interruption in fertility in all specimens it was tested on. While this effect was reversed in rats, it is important to note that this product has never been tested in mammals and it is unknown if it interrupts fertility temporarily, permanently, or not at all. While S23 SARM has a high oral bioavailability, it is important to note that in this study these rats were injected with S23.

Effects on Lean Muscle Mass and Body Fat

This study also found that S23 increased lean muscle mass and decreased body fat in a quantity-dependent manner, and was able to outcompete the catabolic effects of estradiol benzoate administration. Another rat study found that S23 prevented fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle loss from glucocorticoids indicating that it may have significant anabolic effects.

Research Demonstrated Increased Bone Mineral Density

The rat model also demonstrates an increase in bone mineral density from S23 SARM administration. Low quantities appeared to work equally well to high quantities. Bone mineral density increases are fairly commonplace with the administration of SARMs however S23 may be particularly effective in this regard.

Research has Shown Sexual Activity and Drive in Postmenopausal Female Rats

A study on postmenopausal female rats demonstrated that most SARMs were able to increase sexual activity and drive, with S23 in particular causing the largest increase in sexual motivation without inducing growth in the uterus and uterine lining. Males however may experience the opposite effect due to S23’s tendency to reduce natural testosterone levels as well as its higher binding affinity for the androgen receptor.

Data on our Liquid S23 for sale

CAS Number: 1010396-29-8

Formula: C18H13CIF4N2O3

Molar Mass: 416.753 g/mol

Class: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to maximize shelf life.

  • 30ml Liquid S23 per bottle with 20 milligrams per milliliter.
  • Includes graduated 1mL glass pipette for convenient measurement.
  • Glass bottle with UV resistance to minimize degradation.
  • Tamper-proof seal to ensure safety in transit.
  • Less than 5% variance in concentration, guaranteeing consistency.
  • Formulated and packaged to prevent evaporation in storage.

This preparation is for laboratory research purposes only and is not approved by the FDA for human consumption. S23 IS NOT A DIETARY OR SPORTS SUPPLEMENT.


S23 binds to androgen receptors for tissue specific anabolic effects.

While rat studies indicate temporary but significant suppression in sperm count, S23 does not have enough clinical data to be utilized reliably for contraception

Data suggests that S23 may temporarily but significantly lower natural testosterone in males.

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Abuse Warning

S23 is an investigational compound still awaiting FDA approval and is not a dietary supplement. At Sports Technology Labs we are chemical suppliers, not medical doctors, and our expertise is sourcing and quality control. Sports Technology Labs does not encourage or condone consumer use of SARMs products, they are for research purposes only.

SARMs should only be used under the supervision and direction of a medical doctor or designated research authority. We strongly discourage the use of SARMs for performance enhancement in sports and bodybuilding, and warn against “bro science” and peer consensus when making decisions about human health.

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