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RU58841 Powder | 2 Grams



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RU-58841 is a nonsteroidal antiandrogen (NSAA) initially formulated by French scientists during the 1970s. This compound inhibits dihydrotestosterone and other androgens associated with androgenic alopecia, from binding to receptors in hair follicles.

This allows thereby allowing hair to grow normally. It must be noted that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not granted approval for RU-58841, rendering it unavailable for prescription or sale in pharmacies.

RU 58841 Mechanism of Action

Sometimes identified as PSK-3841 or HMR-3841, RU58841 shares a similar chemical structure with RU-58642, another powerful antiandrogen known to obstruct the androgen receptor.

RU-58841 can be applied topically and might be a valuable remedy for acne, androgenetic alopecia, hirsutism, and other androgen-responsive skin disorders. RU58841 should be stored at room temperature for optimal shelf life.

Observed Effects of RU 58841

The compound is purported to encourage hair growth, and ongoing clinical trials are evaluating RU-58841 as a topical agent against alopecia. Common beliefs about its topical application suggest improvements in hair:

  • Density
  • Length
  • Hair Diameter

Animal Data on RU 58841

To this point, in vivo studies on hamsters and rats have been employed to ascertain the safety and efficacy of RU58841, yielding optimistic initial findings:

  1. In a unique experiment, scientists grafted scalp samples from males suffering from androgen-dependent alopecia onto nude female mice. After maintaining the scalps for eight months post-grafting and monitoring them monthly for six months, the grafts treated with RU-58841 generated 29 active follicles. Remarkably, eight of these (or 28%) exhibited a second cycle. Additionally, the linear hair-growth rates (LHGR) in the RU58841-treated group were elevated.
  2. In another investigation, researchers synthesized RU-58841 and identified its strong affinity for hamster prostate and flank organ (F.O.) androgen receptors. When applied topically in vivo, RU-58841 induced a robust dose-dependent regression of the F.O. area, even at a minimal dose of 1 microgram per animal. Importantly, in intact rats, no adverse effects were noted at doses up to 1 microgram per animal.

Side Effects of RU 58841

Research on RU-58841 is actively progressing, and more studies may soon elucidate RU58841’s potential advantages. While its topical application is presumed to result in fewer side effects compared to systemic treatments, the compound is still relatively new, and the full spectrum of possible side effects remains unknown.

Data on our RU-58841 Powder for sale

CAS Number: 154992-24-2

Formula: C17H18F3N3O3

Molar mass: 369.3 g/mol

Class: Androgen Receptor Antagonist

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to maximize shelf life.

  • Foil Pouch with UV resistance to minimize degradation.
  • Minimum 98% pure.
  • 2,050 milligrams RU-58841 per pouch.
  • Measuring tools not included.

This preparation is for laboratory research purposes only and is not approved by the FDA for human use. RU-58841 is NOT a supplement.

RU-58841 FAQs

Additional research is required to ascertain the safety and effectiveness of RU58841 in addressing male pattern baldness (alopecia) through its potential as an androgen receptor antagonist when applied topically to the scalp.

RU58841 shares chemical similarities with Finasteride; however, a key distinction lies in their intended modes of administration, as RU58841 is specifically formulated for topical use, whereas Finasteride is designed for oral ingestion.

RU58841 functions as a nonsteroidal anti-androgen, inhibiting the binding of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), testosterone, and other androgens to the androgen receptor. Importantly, it achieves this without diminishing the overall levels of circulating androgens.

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Abuse Warning

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are investigational compounds still awaiting FDA approval and are not dietary supplements. At Sports Technology Labs we are chemical suppliers, not medical doctors, and our expertise is sourcing and quality control. Sports Technology Labs does not encourage or condone consumer use of SARMs products, they are for research purposes only.

Anecdotal reports and guides may not match those used in carefully designed medical research protocols and may pose a serious risk of adverse effects in users. Individual variables, comorbidities, and polypharmacy can also contribute significantly to the risk of health problems.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators should only be used under the supervision and direction of a medical doctor or designated research authority. We strongly discourage the use of SARMs for performance enhancement in sports and bodybuilding, and warn against “bro science” and peer consensus when making decisions about health.

Scientific References:

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