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RAD140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that holds great promise as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. Like all SARMs, RAD140 binds to the androgen receptors in a selective manner and does not produce the full range of androgenic effects as similar substances. If you’re interested in this SARM, you can buy RAD140 for sale right here at Sports Technology Labs.

RAD140 is a fairly recent SARM; it was developed in 2010 as a possible treatment for osteoporosis. Testing performed on rats and primates has indicated that it may provide additional benefits as well.

The RAD140 SARM is widely believed to generate a number of health benefits, including:

  • Increased weight loss
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Increased brain cell growth
  • Increased protection against breast cancer
  • Increased endurance

However, it must be understood that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not confirmed any health benefits of RAD140 for human beings, and the drug should be used for research purposes only. Although the scientific community is still waiting for reliable studies on human subjects that would verify the beneficial effects of RAD140, there have been a number of studies performed on animals, such as:

  • One study on rats found that RAD140 had neuroprotective benefits of a kind that may prevent Alzheimer’s disease and similar disorders, and may be safer than conventional testosterone therapy. (Anusha Jayaraman, Amy Christensen, V. Alexandra Moser, Rebekah S. Vest, Chris P. Miller, Gary Hattersley, Christian J. Pike, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator RAD140 Is Neuroprotective in Cultured Neurons and Kainate-Lesioned Male Rats, Endocrinology, Volume 155, Issue 4, 1 April 2014, Pages 1398–1406,
  • Another study, performed this time on primates, indicated that RAD140 may promote modest increases in lean muscle mass. (Miller, C. P., Shomali, M., Lyttle, C. R., O’Dea, L. S., Herendeen, H., Gallacher, K., Paquin, D., Compton, D. R., Sahoo, B., Kerrigan, S. A., Burge, M. S., Nickels, M., Green, J. L., Katzenellenbogen, J. A., Tchesnokov, A., & Hattersley, G. (2010). Design, Synthesis, and Preclinical Characterization of the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) RAD140. ACS medicinal chemistry letters, 2(2), 124–129.

More research is needed to confirm the effects of RAD140 in human beings.

RAD140 Liquid Data

CAS Number: 1182367-47-0

Formula: C20H16ClN5O2

Molar Mass: 393.83 g/mol

Class: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator

Application: Significant muscle strength and mass gain, fat burning, improved endurance, improved cognitive function.

Cited Research: Sports Technology Labs Research Blog

This preparation is for research use only and is not approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Why Sports Technology Labs?

The internet seems to be full of sites offering RAD140 peptides and related substances. This may leave you wondering which of these many options you should select. The question is not “Where can I buy RAD140?” but where you should buy it. Before we answer that question, you must understand that not all of these websites are alike—far from it.

Some websites are more interested in making quick cash than in ensuring that their customers receive dependable products. That’s why you need to buy only from websites with established quality-control procedures. When you choose Sports Technology Labs, you’re buying from an American company (based in Connecticut) that uses U.S.-based third-party labs to test the products and certify a minimum purity of 98%.

We’re also committed to offering first-rate customer service. You’re always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about our RAD140 for sale.

Liquid Testolone (RAD140) – 15MG/ML

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  1. Akeeme Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome results from this RAD definitely recommend it.

  2. Tucker Palladino (verified owner)

    Rad140 might be my favorite sarm and this one from sports technology labs is the best. I ordered 20 of them this time.

  3. Carlos Hernandez (verified owner)

    Definitely happy recommend!

  4. BigJohn466

    Works great

  5. Brian Walker (verified owner)

    I tried most of the big canadian brands, sarm center, sarmscanada, etc and this was well worth ordering from the states. Fast ship time and cleanest product I’ve ever bought.

  6. Rob Fronti

    Highly recommended

  7. Anthony Rossi (verified owner)

    3 new major PR’s in 2 months

  8. Ivan (verified owner)

    Quality on point and shipped the day I ordered what more can I ask for?

  9. Cuba Delphino

    This rad is approved

  10. Morgan Pilmer

    I couldn’t believe it arrived to me in Ontario in just 6 days that’s faster than local brands!

  11. Sam O’brien

    I received my order within 72 hours of sending payment and communication was fast as well. Everything looks very clean, already impressed!

  12. Hans G.

    Best RAD I’ve ever bought highly recommended!

  13. Darrel M

    Best rad you can get no cap

  14. Eric Marshall (verified owner)

    This is the 5th brand of RAD tested and definitely the strongest. Do yourself a favor and get 10 or 20 bottles for the discount because they’re going to go up in value next year when RAD is harder to find especially with the new data that came out about high doses.

  15. Chris Cotto

    Great for muscle building and fat loss at the same time loved the rad from here legit rad getting hard to find

  16. Tamiz Garadjalou (verified owner)

    Loved this RAD strength went up fast and finally got my test subject’s calves to respond to something and grow.

  17. Jason Gill

    One of the best overall products out there, improved endurance for my test subject in almost every area and shipped fast I got it in less than 3 days!

  18. George Panakopolous

    Tested testolone from 4 other top brands I’m convinced they all underdosed them. Every time I order from sports technology I’m impressed. Never going elsewhere again.

  19. Justin Grigsby

    Loved this RAD, good clean quality, I bought it because I called and the third party lab verified it which I was very impressed by. Test subject’s strength and mass are both up big time in the last two months.

  20. Michael Bruno

    This is the best rad140

  21. Billy Eisbrecher

    Really good rad

  22. Mitch M

    Best rad I’ve ever used. The service was fast and I received my products in 3 days

  23. Solomon Ortiz

    30 day review: my credit card transaction initially failed and I immediately received a personalized email and the guy was patient with me and did an excellent job of helping me complete my order and answered all of my questions fast. My package came in 5 days and the products were visible clean quality compared to some of the labs I ordered from before. After 30 days I can say I noticed impressive results, much better than I was told I would get from SARMs. I highly recommend these guys to anyone who’s looking for the best quality and no bs.

  24. Coach Paul V

    I only get my sarms from here now and their rad is the best. Seriously don’t bother trying anything else until you’ve tried the rad!!

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