Let’s Review: A 2021 Medical Study on MK-0677

Medical Study on MK 0677

What if that research breakthrough you are looking for could be closer than you think?

There is plenty of research potential when it comes to MK-0677. And that potential includes scientists and researchers exploring how it might interact with other SARMs in different ways.

But what is MK-0677? Why is there mystery and controversy surrounding it, and what makes it worth researching? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Is MK-0677?

Our guide is going to walk you through everything you need to know about MK-0677. First, though, we need to start with the biggest question: what is it?

MK-0677, more popularly known as Ibutamoren, is a special synthetic non-peptide agonist. It mimics the ghrelin produced by the human body.

Studies have found that growth hormone can be used to stimulate the levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 in the human body. These same studies found evidence that MK-0677 increases bone turnover and also stimulates osteoblast activity in elderly people.

How Does It Actually Work?

At a glance, Ibutamoren sounds very impressive. But its description leaves researchers and bodybuilders alike with the same question: how does all of this work?

The Ibutamoren is designed to bond with the body’s ghrelin receptors. Once that happens, it increases the body’s HGH production. After that, the body naturally increases its IGF-1 levels.

What Are the Potential Benefits?

We have already covered perhaps the least surprising potential benefit of MK-0677: enhanced muscle growth. This is often augmented when the growth hormone in a person’s body is stimulated. Some research and plenty of anecdotal evidence show that Ibutamoren may have this effect, but researchers are still exploring some of these claims (more on this later).

Why, though, would Ibutamoren lead to stronger bones? As with muscles, more growth hormones in the body can make bones both healthier and denser. For this reason it is of particular interest in research for the elderly.

What Does the Research Say?

Earlier, we touched on the fact that research into MK-0677 isn’t complete. But what does the existing research say about the use and side effects of Ibutamoren?

In a word, the research is mixed. One study on rats explored whether MK-0677 could promote somatic growth due to enhancing growth hormone levels. The study found that even though Ibutamoren boosts growth hormone levels, it did not boost somatic growth in rats.

Another study on humans explored whether MK-0677 could help older people to build mass, decrease abdominal visceral fat, and safely increase growth hormone secretion. This study found that Ibutamoren succeeded on all fronts, all while improving bone density over one year of treatment.

Potential Research Gaps

The two studies above are the most prominent studies regarding Ibutamoren. And based on these studies, some major research gaps will need to be bridged.

For example, one study is on rats and the other is on elderly humans. The study on rats is disappointing for proponents of Ibutamoren, but, notably, the most prominent human study had very positive effects.

However, the study on older humans occurred way back in 2008. To discover the full benefits and overall effectiveness of Ibutamoren, we need more recent studies as well as studies on additional demographics beyond the elderly.

Of course, these research gaps present certain opportunities. For the right researcher, Ibutamoren may provide plenty of future research opportunities.

Potential For Future Research

And that brings us to the current state of MK-0677 research. The current research into the different benefits and side effects of Ibutamoren is both limited and mixed. And while there is ample anecdotal data from various users, that is not the same as a controlled and regulated study.

The relative lack of studies (particularly longer-term studies) is one of the reasons why there are questions about the safety of Ibutamoren.

If you’re a researcher, though, this is where you come in. You could spearhead the next breakthrough study of MK-0677. Keep in mind that there hasn’t been as much MK-0677 research in the last decade, and there are still many valuable applications of this SARM for science to discover.

Part of this scientific discovery involves getting everything you need for your research. And getting the materials you need is easier than you might think!

Your Next Move

Now you know the most important details about MK-0677. But if you intend to research and study it, do you know where you can get the supplies you need?

Here at Sports Technology Labs, we make it easy for researchers to safely order the supplies they need. Once you place an order, it won’t be long before it’s delivered right to your doorstep. And if you’re ready to kickstart your research, all you have to do is contact us today! We have MK-677 available in a convenient liquid form as well as a pure powdered form.


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Let’s Review: A 2021 Medical Study on MK-0677

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