Could RU-58841 Be the Answer for Hair Loss?

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As men age, hormones eventually catch up to the hairline and many men find themselves thinning on top. Science has come to the rescue, however, with a treatment that shows great promise: RU-58841, which is a topical spray that blocks androgen-induced hair loss and acne. If you’re wondering whether RU-58841 is right for hair loss, here’s what the research says about its effectiveness.

What Is RU-58841?

RU-58841 is a topical selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that can reduce hair loss and block androgenic acne. Active men, particularly those with higher than average testosterone levels, who experience acne and male pattern baldness can benefit from this specialized topical spray, as it blocks the byproducts of testosterone that lead to baldness and alopecia. RU-58841 has proven in recent years to be one of the top preventers of hair loss and acne on the market, with controlled studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. RU-58841 is presently only approved for laboratory research use and is not sold for consumer use.

What Causes Hair Loss in men?

Hair loss is common especially among men because they produce a highly active androgen known as testosterone. Dedication to an intense workout regimen common to weightlifters can cause the overproduction of testosterone, which then leads to a byproduct known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 

When testosterone is converted to DHT, it goes directly to the hair follicles and binds to the receptors, disrupting the hair follicles’ normal functions and restricting them from producing strong and healthy hair. DHT also contributes to hair loss by inhibiting proper intake of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants, making the hair you do have much shorter, weaker, and more brittle. A diet deficient in vitamins and nutrients can exacerbate hair loss caused by excess testosterone. The hormonal changes that occur due to testosterone production can also lead to increased acne – but RU-58841 may help. 

5 Key Points About RU-58841’s Effect on Hair Loss

Men who experience baldness, receding hairlines, and hair loss may be able to rejuvenate their hair follicles by using topical RU-58841 as indicated by clinical research. The experimental treatment has shown the following potential benefits for men suffering from hair loss and acne:

Stopping Harm From DHT

RU-58841 is an anti-androgenic compound, meaning it counteracts the effects of DHT, including acne and hair loss. It works by inhibiting androgen receptors from binding to the hair follicles, which would prevent hair from growing. By inhibiting the androgen receptors from binding to the hair follicles, the hair is empowered to go through its normal growth cycle without any issues.

Restoring Damaged Hair Follicles

RU-58841 may also aid in cell recovery by enabling damaged hair follicles to return to their normal anagen phase. 

Doesn’t Stop Production of Testosterone

Topical RU-58841 does not interfere with the actual synthesis of DHT and testosterone. It primarily inhibits their effects on the hair follicles. 

No Erectile Dysfunction Found

Test subjects using RU-58841 do not typically have to worry about negative side effects commonly associated with other systemic anti-androgenic hair loss treatments, such as erectile dysfunction. 

Benefits Over Finasteride

RU-58841 has proven its efficacy over other more well-known topical solutions for hair loss, such as finasteride. 

Overall, RU-58841 may protect the hair follicles from the effects of DHT without significantly interfering with the body’s natural processes or causing common side effects associated with other hair loss treatments and drugs. Men who have struggled to find an effective solution for their male pattern baldness may experience quality results with RU-58841 once it is approved for human use.

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RU-58841 vs. Finasteride: Which Hair Loss Treatment Is Better?

Finasteride is a commonly used treatment for hair loss. Studies have shown, however, the effectiveness of RU-58841 over finasteride as a solution for treating alopecia. These studies show that RU-58841 can suppress T/DHT-induced hair follicle issues more effectively than Finasteride, which works by reducing the DHT levels in the body. Proper DHT levels can promote heart health, proper sexual function, memory, and blood sugar control, among other benefits. Thus, Finasteride is often associated with such adverse effects as erectile dysfunction, low libido, swelling, depression, and muscular weakness.

RU-58841 works by protecting the hair follicles from DHT attachment in the areas where the solution is applied topically, but it leaves the rest of the body alone. 

How to Use RU-58841 to Combat Hair Loss

Even in low doses, RU-58841 has proven its efficacy in clinical research in restoring hair and promoting regrowth and rejuvenation, and it’s also a simple daily treatment. Test subjects who are experiencing alopecia typically apply RU-58841 as a daily topical spray to the areas of need. A small dose is all that is needed for sufficient hair treatment and regrowth. This product however is only approved for clinical research and is not sold for human consumption.

Learn More from an Expert on SARMs

RU-58841 is an excellent SARM that addresses the issues surrounding hair loss and treats them at the source. To learn more about SARMs and RU-58841, contact Sports Technology Labs today for practical, scientifically backed information. 

Could RU-58841 Be the Answer for Hair Loss?

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