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What does Andarine Do and How Does It Function?

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What does Andarine Do and How Does It Function


Research is continuously conducted on various chemical substances and compounds to find their use. Synthetic androgen receptor ligands are also such chemical compounds which are under clinical research.

They are often referred to as SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, the first of which was developed is Andarine.

You may have heard of Andarine before, but you must be wondering ‘what does Andarine do?’. Read on to discover what Andarine does and what kind of impact it has on the androgen receptor.

What Is Andarine S4?

Andarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator, also known as a SARM. It is an investigational compound not yet legalized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Currently, it is placed on the dietary supplement advisory list by the FDA. It is also banned by WADA.

What Does Andarine S4 Do?

According to research, andarine S4 is one of the most potent and effective research chemicals for fat loss with great visible results as seen in mice models and studies completed on castrated male rats.

This potent selective androgen receptor modulator was initially introduced to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as muscle wasting and bone loss in diseases like cancer and HIV. Upon further research, studies identified the potential of this selective androgen receptor modulator to eliminate fat tissue in the body.

They even commented on significant gains in lean body mass when combining Andarine with an effective diet and training regiment.

How Does Andarine Work?

According to recent studies, andarine is a non-steroid SARM that binds itself to the androgen receptors in muscle and bone. This process enables increased protein synthesis, stimulates osteoblasts, decreases glucose uptake into cells, and promotes blood vessel formation.

These features of Andarine S4 help muscles grow quickly without many of the typical side effects associated with the administration of harmful steroids, insulin, or other muscle growth hormones.

Andarine S4 also stimulates the bones to increase in strength and density. According to research, this SARM must be paired with effective workout sessions to gain the above adaptive benefits.

Andarine S4 for Research

There are many benefits observed in mice models with the administration of Andarine:

  • Increase muscle mass and strength without coadministration with other chemicals or hormones.

  • Increase bone density, which benefits those suffering from diseases that lead to bone loss and muscle waste, such as osteoporosis.

  • Have positive effects on diseases such as cancer and AIDS, which cause muscle waste.

  • It may increase power and strength, which is beneficial for researchers.

  • It increases the number of blood vessels in adipose tissue which contributes to greater circulation and a potential decrease in cellulite.

  • It has fat-burning properties.

  • It displayed effectiveness in fat loss, bulking, and body recomposition.

Why Perform Research with Andarine S4 As A Choice Of SARM 

According to researchers, andarine is the oldest SARM and is considered one of the best selective androgen receptor modulators for reducing body fat while supporting muscle growth. It does this by improving blood circulation to the muscles and stimulating protein synthesis within muscle cells via the androgen receptor. Research states andarine is not known to cause virilization or feminization, unlike most anabolic steroids.

Andarine is also a common addition researchers look for to study the effects of reducing oxidative stress while creating faster fat-burning results as seen in mice models. Studies have shown performance, endurance, and stamina may also improve with the use of Andarine.

Andarine does not produce progestogenic or estrogenic effects as most conventional steroids do.

All of the above reasons make Andarine one of the best choices for SARM research.

Downside Of Using Andarine for Research 

Andarine is believed to have fewer risks than using steroids for muscle mass gain. However, it still has side effects, and its warning and precautions must be taken seriously.

Andarine S4 Side Effects

Below are the potential side effects observed in test subjects using Andarine.

  • It may cause an increase in prolactin hormone leading to gynecomastia. More severe cases could lead to liver damage in specific individuals

  • It may cause an increase in LDL cholesterol levels and a decrease in HDL cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

  • It may suppress natural testosterone levels in males.

  • It may cause acne breakouts due to hormone imbalance.

  • It may cause dry mouth and lips.

  • It may cause irritability and mood swings.

  • It could cause a temporary yellow tint to vision and a reduction in night vision. This is considered by researchers to be a benign side effect that occurs at high doses.

Andarine Precautions And Warnings

Andarine, has been linked to liver damage and heart disease. Consult a doctor before participating in clinical research with Andarine. Andarine is not approved by the world anti-doping agency and research subjects should use caution.

Individuals with specific health conditions such as pregnancy or breastfeeding should not participate in trials regarding Andarine.

Chemical Interactions

The interaction of Andarine with other compounds is still not clear. Therefore, individuals performing research with Andarine must consult their healthcare practitioner regarding potential medication/chemical interactions.

Health Warning With Andarine S4

Research indicates Andarine could lead to serious health issues. Therefore, you must know and understand that at this time Andarine is not recommended by the FDA. If participating in research trials, consideration and advice from a healthcare practitioner are advised.

Where To Buy Andarine

Andarine is available online, but make sure you buy from a trusted source and read all product labels. Read up online to ensure you are clear on the product’s shipping procedures, third-party testing, money-back guarantee, etc. 

Some websites provide free shipping to certain areas or with purchases above a certain size, and discounts when you subscribe using your email address.

Andarine: What Is The Legal Status

Andarine S-4 is legal to buy and sell. However, the FDA has not approved Andarine yet for consumer use and the FDA warns against the purchase of these products by consumers as these are for researchers and scientists alike. Many websites sell Andarine S-4 online, but not all of them are legal.

Make sure to buy selective androgen receptor modulators from a website that sells the original product as a third party tested laboratory research chemical. 

Who Should Participate in Research with Andarine

It is advisable that you speak to your healthcare practitioner before participating in a clinical trial with Andarine. Current research indicates that it is safer to avoid this SARM if you belong to one of the following:

  • People who suffer from any severe ailment or with a serious medical history.

  • People with autoimmune disease

  • Those with mental illness

  • People with hormonal issues

  • People taking other medications or dietary supplements

  • Pregnant and lactating women

  • Cancer patients

  • People who have undergone or going to go through surgery

  • Those undergoing chemotherapy for various reasons

  • People with eating disorders

  • Those who suffer from cardiovascular disease

  • People with blood disorders

Andarine Vs Ostarine

Ostarine is often compared with Andarine due to similar effects, like lean muscle gain. However, this doesn’t mean that both are the same and that one can replace the other.

For instance, Ostarine is backed by many more clinical studies than Andarine and is about two to three times more potent per milligram administered. Andarine has a half life of 4-6 hrs.

According to studies, both of these SARMs stimulate a noticeable amount of lean muscle mass. While they may be researched separately or together in clinical studies, it is important to be aware that their side effects may compound in these cases.


Andarine is the oldest SARM and may build lean muscle and burn fat and this is why this research chemical is so popular among scientist. For the time being it is only available as a research chemical for experimentation and participating in clinical research with Andarine should be done under the supervision of a healthcare professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The function of Andarine is that it binds to androgen receptors in the skeletal muscle and signals the bones and muscles of the body to grow. It is being studied for its effects to assist muscle wasting diseases such as sarcopenia.

Andarine has demonstrated effectiveness in cutting fat and maintaining muscle in mice studies, but further research is necessary before it can be deemed safe. Pregnant women should not participate in clinical trials with Andarine.

It is believed that Andarine may be detectable in urine for up to 40 days, more research is necessary for a medical consensus.

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