Mass Stack

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This discounted bundle includes:

2x 30ml LGD-4033 10mg/ml

2x 30ml MK-677 25mg/ml

Mass Stack

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Weight 12 oz

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  1. Jerry P

    This stuff is actually legit and very potent I will be ordering again. My friends can’t believe the results I got!

  2. Brian Walker (verified owner)

    Very very potent product!

  3. Paul Wilson (verified owner)

    Subject put on 15lbs clean in 2 months, appetite was way up, added 55lbs to bench, 45 to squat, 80 to deadlift. Very satisfied.

  4. Jake Noble (verified owner)

    Subject went from 180>205lbs in 8 weeks at 5’7 pretty impressive. Worth the price!

  5. Marc Dupuis

    Appetite and weight and pumps and thickness came out of nowhere on this stack highly recommended!!

  6. James M

    Very potent stack highly recommended!

  7. Morton M

    Arrived in Manitoba in 7 days and results have been great the first two weeks very impressed and will be ordering from sports technology again soon!

  8. Rasaun R

    30 pounds in 60 days is pretty incredible ngl I loved this stack

  9. Greg N

    I’m a big fan of this stack ordered twice and both times shipped fast and results are undeniable!

  10. Geraldo Rivera III

    Loved this stack will order again!!

  11. Austin Kennedy

    This stack was incredibly strong lasted me 2 months and felt like everything I ate went straight to the muscles workout was out of this world could barely move after a few sets I was so pumped! Never got so many compliments in my life!!

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