Advanced Recomp Stack

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This discounted bundle includes:

2x 30ml S23 25mg/ml

2x 30ml RAD-140 15mg/ml

2x 30ml MK-677 20mg/ml

1x 30ml GW-501516 20mg/ml

Advanced Recomp Stack

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Weight 21 oz

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  1. Austin A (verified owner)

    This stack is absolutely worth it. Lost fat very quickly, unflexed abs showing and some feathering on my test subject’s quads now.

  2. George Panakopolous

    This is the best combination of products. My test subject grew bigger, stronger, leaner, had more endurance, could jump higher and weight only went up 5lbs. It was about 20 lbs of lean mass gain and 15 lbs of fat loss in 2 months.

  3. Coach Greg

    If you want to be blown away try this stack. I was apprehensive because of the price but results are absolutely unreal and you can split it and make 2 potent cycles out of it if you’re a beginner.

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