As part of our continuous commitment to quality we test every batch of our products for minimum 98% purity. Below are our most recent third party COA’s (certificates of analysis) for each product. Values between 100% and 101.9% indicate that our sample was purer than the reference standard it was measured against since reference standards are also minimum 98% purity. We recommend that buyers of research chemicals always use a source that is third party tested and to call third party labs to confirm that the results you see online are legitimate before purchasing products.

RU 58841 Lab22064176 scaled
MK677 Lab22064253
06212022 Ostarine scaled
06212022 LGD4033 scaled
06092022 scaled
05272022 SR9009 scaled
05272022 S23 scaled
2022 04 05 YK11 scaled
2022 03 31 S4 scaled
2022 01 13 Cardarine